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Hind Plast

Hind Plast is a leading brand for finest Gypsum for internal plaster, Hind Plast is manufactured using highest grade of raw Gypsum. Being pure white in colour and having a hardness of about 50% more than any other Gypsum Plaster available in the market, a fineness of over 200 mesh and purity of over 99% gives the best atomic bond and an absolute mirror finish. All this makes a world class product and the highest grade of Gypsum in the Construction arena.

Now you don't need to depend on cement, sand, labour for curing or wall putty for internal plaster works. Hind Plast Gypsum - Fine Gypsum plaster, is a one coat application product that replaces sand, cement and putty works. It can be applied directly over any brick work, concrete surface, siporex blocks, AAC OR Porothem blocks with normal thickness. After application, it is a self curing material that is ready to be painted once it dries.

Hind Plast Gypsum is supplied to many reputed BULIDERS, ARCHITECTS, PROJECT CONSULTANT AND CONTRACTORS adding values to their prestigious projects.


  • Single application plaster.
  • No shrinkage cracks.
  • No water curing.
  • Non - combustible.
  • Easy workability and Economical.
  • Light weight and total strength on drying.
  • Can be applied directly on wall / rough surfaces.
  • Each bag of 25 kg. covers 20-22 sq.ft. approx (with 10-12mm Thickness)


  • Fire Resistance: Gypsum is non-combustible (Inert) when tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 4: 1970.
  • Crack Free : Gypsum Plaster do not shrink (unlike cement) during the drying out and hardening process
  • No Curing : Required no water curing
  • Direct Application : Single coat application directly on internal brick, block, concrete wall & Ceiling.
  • Aesthetic : It provides a smooth interior finishing for ceilings and walls, and is ideal background for good quality paints and paper finishes.
  • Insulation Properties : Gypsum Plaster has low conductivity and good thermal properties, ensuring energy and power saving
  • Infinity life
  • Higher Strength
  • Satin Smooth Finish
  • Non toxic & Environmental Friendly
  • Light weight & Acoustic Performance
  • Time Saving & Cost Effective.


Hind Plast supplies extensive products of extra high purity and performance wall and ceiling solutions to meet aesthetic, acoustic, fire and thermal requirements across all segments of the construction industry. Through our strong commitment to product research, technical development and sales. Support, our customers can be confident in the performance of our products and systems. Hind Plast is committed to making the critical path of construction simpler, faster and more efficient.

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